It's YOUR time to be on TV!
About US

Welcome to Blogz! Blogz is much more than your average community networking website - it is the latest technology put together to make you a star. That's right... fame!

What's so cool about Blogz? It is a group of channels that are made up completely of the videos that you upload!

It all starts on Members of Blogz can upload videos into many different channels. Uploads will then be voted by users like you, to be on the Blogz TV Channel! Just think - home videos, movies, animations - anything YOU want! Now you can impress everyone with your band, animation, photography, editing skills, dance moves, screenplays - you name it, you got it.

With Blogz, you can make a profile, upload pictures, videos, music, check out other profiles, leave comments, play games, meet new people, join networks and much more. But best of all, you can check out all the cool channels and subscribe to your favorites! And why not upload some of your own videos to be featured on these channels? You could be on TV!

Are you a video junkie or a game developer trying to get their ideas out? Do you want your voice to be heard? You will love Blogz!

Share yourself with the world! Have your chance to finally be on TV! Aren't you tired of the same stuff on television and where celebrities get all the attention? What about the same community websites over and over? Well Blogz is new and exciting and a fresh start at the new technology. Check out Blogz and make TV whatever you want it to be!

This isn't just your chance at 15 minutes of fame - you might get hours of fame! Blogz is the cable connecting you and television!

You write it, you produce it, you edit it, you star in it, we air it. It is as simple as that. Now come have fun on Blogz!

No scripts - no celebrities - real people - Its your time to be on TV!